Company Profile

Farzati Consulting is an Italian company operating in the Information Communication industry Technology, specializing in analysis, development and consulting in the field Operational and Management focused on the Aerospace world by proposing ERP solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Custom Logistics.

Our attention, towards new IT frontiers, mobile computing and strong interaction With networking, allows us to offer integrated solutions designed to guarantee and give high value to our customers.

We develop solutions to optimize business processes and increase their efficiency production and logistics, both in production scenarios of aeronautical parts and in optimization Of the management of spare parts in the logistical field in operational contexts as a military and civilian fleet.

Our Team manages complex projects, tackling with professionalism and commitment all the activities required by the Customer, which require our improvement-oriented intervention and continuous efficiency.

We partner with our Business Analysis, Coaching, and Training tools solution Application, Body Rent.

Farzati Consulting is geared towards the Industry and the Aerospace subcontractor as well as to the operators And the aviation fleet owners. He also specializes in specialist consulting and operational training.

We have developed a add-ons software compliant with industry 4.0.logics to apply in aerospace industry through ERP Systems., 

We have developed a Logistic suite for fleet management at the Polish Air Force to Manage the new M346 PLAF’s fleet in partnership with IAS.

Now we are working to expand our know-how to fly test and Logistic 4.0, developing algorithms and heuristics, oriented to prediction of events, adopting models derived from business intelligence and business analysis.