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We are by your side to give you all the support necessary to make the best decisions in the production and logistics fields. With our specialized support you can optimize production processes and manage the logistics of your air fleet at the best performance.

Smart Applications to improve you Business

We develop 'Smart Applications' to improve you Business

Mobile Interface Design

Our applications are developed to give you the best usability, in any situation, regardless of the device used.

User Experience

The user experience and his satisfaction is at the center of our interest. We work to improve the quality of our customers' work and the ergonomics of their applications. In a complex management each user has to interact at different levels of process with others, we work to simplify this integration.

Web and Mobile Development

It is possible to have a 'Smart Device' in the workshop or in Hangar and check via WEB or a Desktop application what is happening at that precise moment, allowing a constant control of production processes, all connected to your management system

Project Strategy

Our strategy is to follow the client in every delicate phase of his activity, providing support, advice and tools. We take care of the analysis, design, training and project management activities.

Aero Space Kit
download the ASK 'AeroSpaceKit' data sheet


Farzati Consulting by partnering with IAS (Integrated Systems Aerospce) developed 

the MRP module and Logistics of the Air Fleet Management AFM platform.

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Rebuilt from the inside out

Our business is successful because it is carried out directly by the customer and with the customer. Our experts work closely with the customer, and each sector of expertise study workflows, analyze strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies, tactics and control activities necessary to achieve the established objective. Our activities are born from within and are focused on optimizing those who produce value. We are present in hangar, workshop, administration wherever there is need to activate a process of improvement. Your business needs to manage a Fleet, a Warehouse, and you need to maximize the use of your systems such as ERP we are present in coaching, training, and consulting. We do analysis, we design tools, we give solutions.

Industry-leading attention to detail

The approach followed by Farzati Consulting is unique in that the proposed solutions allow aeronautical operators the integrated management of civil and military airfields in the ERP model. Fleet management means the management of the problems of a large number of activities, each of which requires specific tools for proper management. The lack of integration of all activities involves organizational difficulties and poor efficiency often highlighted by a sectoral management of information, therefore data that are not shared and can not be consulted in a single solution from the single directions. The difficulty of analysis and the lack of control information and difficulties in drafting the budget / forecast are often the breaking point between the management of activities and the use of information systems. We represent with our solutions a strong element of integration that revolutionizes the management system and allows the constant exchange of information from and for all the different workflows.

Our Consulting, Training and Development activities, adopted at the process and information systems level, are born to guarantee a correct management of the "Demand" in terms of:
Product, Quantity, Time and Quality
through simplification activities and information standardization, following the ERP model. Increasing internal processing performance and generating realistic responses to the periphery, enhancing product value and customer satisfaction.
Antonella Farzati